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White Luxury Force Ultime Carotte Cream 1.69 oz / 50ml

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Gently Lightens & removes dark spots Carrot oil . Effectively fights dark spots of the skin such as scars, age spots, pregnancy and sun. Skin is left softer and brighter.

Key Highlights:

  • Contains carrot oil base effectively lighten and remove dark spots
  • Helps fight dark spots caused by scars, age spots, pregnancy, and sun exposure
  • Leaves skin softer and brighter
  • Recommended to use twice a day (morning and evening) on affected areas
  • Gently massage product into skin to allow for proper penetration
  • Results may vary and are not guaranteed.

Key Ingredients:

  • Carrot oil


  • Apply on mornings and evenings on areas to be treated whiile massaging gently to let it penetrate.
  • **Disclaimer**: Results may vary and are not guaranteed.