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Supreme White Sacred Union Lotions Purifiante Deluxe 500ml

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Discover the magic of the ocean with Sacred Union Body Lotion. Developed with the greatest of care by Dermaclean, this gentle, alcohol-free lotion visibly improves pore structure and complements facial cleansing. The Amber & Caviar extracts provide the best possible concentration of protein-rich elements helping to nourish and vitalise your skin. Combining tonifying, refreshing and skin effects, Sacred Union Body Lotion contains a powerful active complex which effectively combats marks, acne and the microbes which cause skin infections. This lotion leaves the skin clean, pure, soft and supple and also tightens the pores. How to use: Use morning and night; pour a small quantity of lotion onto a cotton wool pad and apply to the face and neck.

Key Highlights:

  • Moisturizes and cleanses skin
  • Contains protein-rich ingredients from Amber & Caviar extracts
  • Fights marks, acne and microorganisms
  • Leaves skin soft, pure, and supple


  • Pour a small quantity of lotion onto a cotton wool pad
  • Gently apply to face and neck
  • Allow the lotion to be completely absorbed into skin
  • Use twice daily for best results