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Secret shower fresh antiperspirant 24 hour solid 1.5 oz

by Secret
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Secret Enemy of Perspirant Antiperspirant Strong Shower New, Our unique, attempted and-trusted. The mystery has numerous assortments intended for various aroma and insurance. pH-offset to work with your body's science for 24-hour scent control and sweat insurance. Give durable security against sweat and scent. Hold can around six inches away from underarm Antiperspirant. Clinical Strength, Outlive Xtend Innovation, Objections, Aroma Articulations, and Unique. Secret Antiperspirant and Antiperspirant assists you with remaining sure during the day PH-offset to work with your body's regular science.

Key Highlights:

  • Secret Enemy of Perspirant Antiperspirant Strong Shower
  • Unique, tried-and-trusted formula
  • Available in multiple scents and strengths
  • Offers 24-hour odor and sweat protection
  • Clinical Strength
  • Outlives Xtend Technology
  • Objection-free fragrance options


  • Hold can 6 inches away from underarm
  • Apply antiperspirant evenly
  • Use daily for best results